Empowering and Encouraging Women in Finance: an interview with Louisa Bateman of

Louisa Bateman is an an independent mortgage adviser

Louisa Bateman
Louisa Bateman

How did you get into this?  Did you attend university, and/or fall straight into a role or was it a more roundabout journey?

I did rather fall into the role.  Following the birth of my son I joined ny husband’s financial services company to help them set up their administrative systems (it was a new company).  My husband was unable to look after his clients’ mortgage needs as he was running the company and asked me if I would consider getting qualified to do so.  I sat CMap 1,2 and 3 and became a mortgage adviser.  10 years later, he is no longer in the company (having set up Vanbrugh in 2011), and I continue to look after his clients from a new company.

What’s your experience from a woman’s point of view. Would you say it is a good job for a woman?

I believe (and don’t quote me on this) that there is a far larger proportion of male mortgage advisers.  It is a stressful business. Having said that being organised and patient is a female trait which is important from the client perspective in arranging mortgages.  Men tend to cast the net wider and if it doesn’t work out they are more pragmatic.  Being tenacious is what is required and I think women are better here.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of entering this profession?

It is a well paid job if you have the right temperament and you join the right company.  If you intend to enter into the business on a self-employed basis then you need to be aware there is a 3-6 month lead in before you receive and income and you will need to have a good client base and plenty of referrals.  I would say not for the faint hearted

What’s your best financial advice for any woman?

Do you research but be guided in whatever field you are researching by experienced and qualified advisers. is fantastic if you happen to be the low percentage of people able to access the best deals.  The devil is in the detail so if going it alone make sure you are educated in lender/bank criteria


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