About Faye

Photo by Annie Armitage
Photo by Annie Armitage

Working 3 nights a week plus weekends by the age of 13, Faye Watts believes in the value of hard graft. Following her graduation from The London College of Fashion, she went on to qualify as a fitness professional running her own business, and it is this quality that got her noticed by Carter Backer Winter and started her on her career as a tax advisor and business consultant.  This then led her to work with a leading West End of London firm, SRLV in 2002, before forming FUSE Accountants in 2008.

Faye is no ordinary tax accountant and business adviser. Her background within the creative sectors and seven years as a freelancer in the fitness industry means that she has a real life understanding of the pressures of running and growing a business. She has optimum experience with personal customer service, and the feast famine nature of freelancing that allow her to empathise and communicate with clients in a way that few other accountants are able.

As well as her work in tax consultancy and business planning, Faye sits on the advisory boards of a number of organisations, including Funny Women and Sister Snog,and is keen to further this side of her work with other unique creative brands.


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